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Report 103 Sample Issues

Current issue - updated weekly

First Ever Issue - 27 Jan 2004

Andy VanGundy's article on creative challenges - 18 Oct 2005

Aligning Innovation to Strategy - 20 Oct 2009

First Article on Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) - 20 Apr 2011




Cartoon - Patricia becomes an innovation manager

Report 103

The web's longest running creativity & innovation eJournal - Since 2004

Report 103 is a weekly eJournal about creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business that is read by some 7000 subscribers around the world. Every issue includes an informative article or two on business innovation, often including tips and techniques you can use in your place of work.

Report 103 is written for innovation leaders including CEOs, innovation directors, innovation managers, facilitators, consultants and researchers. Articles are based on the latest research and my experiences helping teams to think more creative and their organisations to be more innovative.

Most articles that appear in Report 103 are posted in the Creativity Articles of this web site.

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Sample issues

Current issue The latest issue of Report 103 - updated weekly
27 Jan 2004 The first ever issue of Report 103.
18 Oct 2005 My friend, Arthur VanGundy (who preferred to be called Andy) contributed a still popular article and download for this issue. Sadly, Andy died 2009.
20 Oct 2009 Aligning innovation to strategy
20 Apr 2011 This is when I first published my concept of anticonventional thinking (ACT) which caused a lot of controversy and still upsets people who do not like change in the field of creativity. ACT has been modified and updated twice since this article was published.



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Brainstorms Don't Work?

Have you tried brainstorming only to be disappointed with the results?

Don't worry. There's a better way: anticonventional thinking (ACT). Learn more!



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