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Report 103

The Business Creativity & Innovation eJournal - Since 2004

Report 103 is a popular newsletter of creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business that boasts 7000 subscribers. Each issue includes informative articles and tutorials on all aspects of business innovation. Read the back issues below or enter your email address in the box and get your twice monthly issue of Report 103 sent directly to your inbox.

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10th Anniversary!

Report 103 is the web's longest running newsletter or blog on creativity and innovation!

In the archives...

Note: In the upcoming weeks, I will close the archives of Report 103. All of the relevent, popular and useful articles from Report 103 have also been published in the Creativity Articles section of this web site. This will make navigating easier. Not happy with my decision? Got a comment? Let me know about it!

23 April 2014 issue
Idealess Ideation

16 April 2014 issue
How to Get Great Ideas from Your Team

09 April 2014 issue
International and Multicultural Teams

02 April 2014 issue
An Anticonventional Presentation Story; How Do Your People Present Your Company?

26 March 2014 issue
Conventional Is Too Conventional; Anticonventional Thinking and Inner Mind Creativity

19 March 2014 issue
Pimp Your Suggestion Scheme: Idea Management Ideas

12 March 2014 issue
Seven Things the Competent Innovation Manager Should Know

05 March 2014 issue
Applied Creativity: Selling; Applying Creativity in Your Organisation

26 February 2014 issue
Radio Interview with Me; Turning Your Creative Vision into a Reality;Turning Your Creative Ideas into Innovations - I Can Help (adv)

19 February 2014 issue
Shorter & More Frequent; Dangerous Obsession with Ideas; Build Creative Visions for your Business (Adv)

05 February 2014 issue
Cosmic Creativity Project Continues; A Word About Assumptions Part One; Give Your Team the Power of Cosmic Creativity; A Word About Assumptions Part Two; Goodbye Anticonventional Thinking; LinkedIn Favour

15 January 2014 issue
10 Years of Report 103; Innovation Blogger of the Year; Financial Myopia by Ulf Löwenhav; Cosmic Creativity (continued) Building a Creative Vision; Hire me for a great workshop or motivational talk; Entrepreneurship Summit in Mumbai

04 December 2013 issue
Cosmic Creativity Part 5

20 November 2013 issue
Cosmic Creativity Part 4

06 November 2013 issue
Cosmic Creativity & Anticonventional Thinking Project Continued; Keep the Situation in Your Mind; The Power of Notions; Your Mind’s Creative Team; The Creative Spider; The Mental Bureaucrat; The Provocateur; How the Team Works

30 October 2013 issue
Cosmic Creativity & Anticonventional Thinking Project Continued; Transcendental Situations; Visualising Your Situation

16 October 2013 issue
Cosmic Creativity and Anticonventional Thinking (project and article)

02 October 2013 issue
Packaging; Jeffrey at the Brussels Imagination Club; Creativity of the Artist: Continually Try New Ideas; Musicians may be most creative 'when not actually playing instrument'; Twitter Founder's Innovation Secret

18 September 2013 issue
The State of Business Innovation Today; The Baumgartner Report: a new, humour newsletter from me; Creativity of the Artist Two: Live, Listen and Learn; How to have fewer ideas

04 September 2013 issue
Creativity of the Artist: Observe; Play; The Real Neuroscience of Creativity; The Entrepreneurial State

22 August 2013 issue
Feeling the Creative Sizzle; Creative Monsters; Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

07 August 2013 issue
Storycreation; Buzzword Problem; Entrepreneurial Self-Starters Wanted. Not!

24 July 2013 issue
Prejudgment; The Insane Journey; Does Your Company's Innovation Initiative Deliver the Expected Results?

03 July 2013 issue
The Insane Journey; Don’t Be Surprised By Your Customers; Does Your Company's Innovation Initiative Deliver the Expected Results?; It's All About Profit

19 June 2013 issue
My New (and First) Novel; Sexy Goals; Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Fundraising

05 June 2013 issue
How Do You Get Creative at the Office?; Every Company Is Innovative; Video: Creativity & Beer: Innovation vs. Vision; Every Company is Innovative; Too Much Talk -- Insufficient Action

15 May 2013 issue
Innovative Feelings; Video Creativity & Beer: Brainstorming & Anticonventional Thinking; News About Jeffrey's Workshops and Speaking

02 May 2013 issue
Strategy & Innovation; The 12 Commandments of Organizational Innovation; Anticonventional thinking infograph; Are You Wasting Money with Brainstorming?

03 April 2013 issue
Creative Ideas Event Generates THREE Ideas!; The Agony of Defeat (By Tim Sutton); Don't Forget Strategy; Support Report 103 - Hire Me! (self-promotion)

20 March 2013 issue
Everyone Loves a Creative Idea -- Unless It Applies to Them; Teach Your Team to Be More Creative with Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) adv; Shake Up Your Office

06 March 2013 issue
Where Do You Put the Creativity?; Talk or Workshop for Your Team?; Creative Genius Has Its Downsides; Interesting Reading

20 February 2013 issue
Creative Decision Making; Implementing Ideas: Baby Steps; Why Fighting for Our Ideas Makes them Better

06 February 2013 issue
Loss Aversion and Idea Implementation; Intense ACTion Facilitation (ADV); Optimism and Innovation; When Brainstorming Works

30 January 2013 issue
The Creative Idea; Anticonventional Thinking (ACT); States of Ideas

16 January 2013 issue
Evaluating Ideas on the Fly; How Status Quo Bias Can Kill Innovation; Monetary Awards, Satisfaction, Productivity and Innovation

19 December 2012 issue
Job Pressure, Priority and Innovation; Hiring Creative Employees; Innovate Innovation in 2013, Please!

05 December 2012 issue
The Seven Essential Characteristics of Innovative Companies; Innovate Better with Anticonventional Thinking (A Self Promotional Message); No UK companies in Top 100 Global Innovators List? - Time to Take a Long Look at Your Innovation Eco-S

21 November 2012 issue
Boring Ideas and Dinner Guests: A Thought Experiment in Creative Collaboration; Where Ideas Come From; Anticonventional Thinking versus Brainstorming

07 November 2012 issue
The Fuzzy Back End of Innovation; Blatant Self Promotion; Training in CPS Without a Training Session; Link Between Creativity and Insanity a Delusion?; Questioning in ACT Provides New Perspectives

17 October 2012 issue
What Happened to Report 103?; Best Ideas Are Never Very Creative; Anticonventional Thinking and Implementation; New Implementation Plan Workshop; The Two Meanings of Brainstorming

05 September 2012 issue
A Simple Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) Exercise; Video: A Quick Introduction to ACT; At Last, Make It Happen!; Anticonventional Thinking Workshops for You; A Mental Investment

16 August 2012 issue
The Anticonventional Thinking (ACT) Method (2.0); Making Sure Your IP Is Protected; Anticonventional Thinking Workshops for You

01 August 2012 issue
Creativity, Innovation and Cake; Anticonventional Thinking Workshops for You; Problem-Free, Idea-Free Creative Thinking; Anticonventional Decisions

12 July 2012 issue
Designing the Perfect Ideas Competition; Learn Anticonventional Thinking with Me; What if you change IWWMI into WASNT?; Going Against the Crowd

07 June 2012 issue
Turn Your Problem into Goals; Let's Bounce a Few Ideas off Each Other; Has Innovation Lost its Meaning?

16 May 2012 issue
How Will You Change Your World?; The Seven Core Tenets of Anticonventional Thinking; Anticonventional Thinking Training and Facilitation; Interesting Links; Read my Book and Save a Fortune on Consultants

03 May 2012 issue
The World's Best Approach to Innovation; Changing Jeffrey; Creativity War; You are the Problem; Training and Speaking; Read My Book and Save a Fortune on Consultants!

18 April 2012 issue
Become the Problem Innovation; The Creative Pursuit of laziness; Anti-Science Threatens America’s Innovation; The Importance of Vacations; Conceptual Conversations

04 April 2012 issue
Feel Good Pseudo-Innovation; Anticonventional Thinking Workshops for Your Company; Start from Scratch Conceptually; How to Be Incredible; Let Your Kids Make Mistakes

21 March 2012 issue
Threatstorming; DIY Parents and Creative Children' What's Your Value Proposition?; Design and Achieve Your Goals with Creative Thinking; Call for Papers for the 2012 South Africa Innovation Summit; On the Web

07 March 2012 issue
The Nine Principal Rules of Creative Leadership; New Video: Creativity and Leadership: the 3Cs; Video Interview with Jeffrey: Innovation versus Vision; On-Line Voting Gets Worse; Book Review: Embracing the New Era; How Employee Incentives C

15 February 2012 issue
Let Us Get Creative: Boring Problems Video; Innnovation Is a Tool; The Cognitive Consequences of Internet Information; Interesting on the Web

01 February 2012 issue
The Neglected Imagination; The Reality of Business in a Fairy Tale; A Journey Through the Imagination with Bach; John Cleese -- A Lecture on Creativity

18 January 2012 issue
Follow the Leader or Lead the Followers; A Journey through Your Imagination with Bach; Provocative Creative Challenges; The Rise of the New Groupthink; More Serendipity

21 December 2011 issue
The 200th Issue of Report 103; Criticism; The Unleashed Mind, Why Creative People Are Eccentric

07 December 2011 issue
Your Future Depends on Your Creative Mind; HIre Jeffrey; Observational Innovation; Powerfully Bad Decisions; The Way of the Innovation Master

16 November 2011 issue
Innovation Versus Vision; Interact with Me on Social Networks; Need an Innovation Consultant? Hire a Naïf; Read My Book!; Video Games Make Kids More Creative

19 October 2011 issue
People Don't Like Creative Ideas; Idea Generation Is Not Efficient (And You Don't Want It to Be); Applied Creativity

05 October 2011 issue
Selecting a Solution; Visualising Innovation Eco-Systems; World Innovation Diversity Index; Creativity, The World's Oldest School Subject?; The Myth of Common Sense

21 September 2011 issue
Imagination Is the Root of Innovation; The Administration of Innovation; Anticonventional Thinking Débuted in Faro; Happy Workers Are More Productive and Creative

08 September 2011 issue
Grassroots Creativity and Institutional Innovation; Workplace Innovation; What Would You Do with Yahoo?

17 August 2011 issue
Innovation Leadership; Living in a Crowd Sourced House; Jeffrey Speaks in Johannesburg and Faro; Social Media Checks and Creativity

21 July 2011 issue
The Great Innovation Challenge of the 21st Century; Become an Innovation Master; A Guide to Anticonventional Thinking; Eight Rules of Anticonventional Thinking; Jenni Idea Management

07 July 2011 issue
Too Much Creativity in the Ideas; That Idea Will Cost You; Launch an Innovation Plan for Less than US$20; Office Divergence; The Perils of Bad Strategy; Début of Anticonventional Thinking at ECCI XII; Talking Open Innovation in J-Burg

15 June 2011 issue
Market Leadership and Innovation; Enterprise Open Innovation; How to Launch and Implement and Innovation Plan for Less than $20

01 June 2011 issue
The Cost of Not Implementing an Idea; Project Premortems, a Focus on Reducing Failure; Problem Solving Via Creativity

18 May 2011 issue
Open Innovation for Small Companies; Do You Know the Way of the Innovation Master?; Another Kind of Idea Jam; Imagination Sessions

04 May 2011 issue
Beware the Cult of Ideas; Do You Know the Way of the Innovation Master?; Continuous Creativity; Creative Debate

20 April 2011 issue
Anti-Conventional Thinking; Physical and Mental Holiday; Imagination Club Launches in Australia; Meet Jeffrey

07 April 2011 issue
Stress; Who Is in Control of Your Innovation Process?; Insights; Take Control of Your Innovation; Jeffrey Speaks

23 March 2011 issue
The $12.50 Idea; Why You Should Read My Book; Comparison of Innovation Process Management Software Options; Go On, Let Brainstormers Criticise; Jeffrey Speaks

02 March 2011 issue
Use Both Sides of Your Brain; Creativity and Innovation Meetings; Myths of Innovation; Jeffrey Is on Twitter; Jeffrey Speaks; The Way of the Innovation Master; Discover the Value of Your Company's Ideas

17 February 2011 issue
A Printer that May Change the World; Creativity and Honesty; Elevating Ideas in Suggestion Schemes; Buy The Way of the Innovation Master and Save Thousands!; Discover the Value of Your Ideas in Jenni

02 February 2011 issue
End to End Creativity in the Innovation Process; Products as Services; The Way of the Innovation Master (Jeffrey's new book); Innovation Management Is Boring; Jenni Innovation Process Management Software

20 January 2011 issue
Innovation Is a Top Down Thing; Most Innovative Company by US Patent Claims; Unexpected Directions; The Way of the Innovation Master; Jenni: Efficient Idea Management

05 January 2011 issue
Happy New Year; Don't Listen to Your Customers; How Do You Feel?; The Way of the Innovation Master (Jeffrey's Book); Jenni Upgrade and a Controversy

15 December 2010 issue
Participation in Idea Generation Events; Book Review: Personality Poker by Stephen Shapiro; Why CEOs Might Lack Creative Leadership; The Way of the Innovation Master: My New Book

01 December 2010 issue
Open Innovation’s Common Issues and Potential Roadblocks; The Way of the Innovation Master - a New Book by Jeffrey Baumgartner; Makeover for

17 November 2010 issue
Diversity Is the Mother of Creativity; Moving Towards a More Distributed Innovation Model; An Ideas Museum in Barcelona

03 November 2010 issue
Business Model Innovation; Creative Vision Trumps a "Safe Career Plan" by Liz Massey; Book Review: Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire; Book Review: The Innovative Leader

20 October 2010 issue
Brainstorming Revisited; Strengths, Fatal Flaws and Allowable Weaknesses - a Whole Brain Strategy for Success; Steven Johnson: 'Eureka Moments Are Very, Very Rare'

06 October 2010 issue
Glorious Mistakes; Nobody Wins the Blame Game; Where Good Ideas Come From; Podcast with Jeffrey

15 September 2010 issue
Stop and Think; Innovation Lessons from Childhood; Creativity, the Brain and Evolution; Proof the Walking is Good for Creativity; Jenni America

01 September 2010 issue
Stifling Your Inner Censor; Guest Authors; Looking for a Distant Relation; Corporate Creativity - a Tribute to a Fine Book

18 August 2010 issue
Teams of Two - the Power of Partnering; Organisational Innovation; Every New Start-Up Starts Up with an Idea; New Jenni Consultant in Namibia/South Africa

04 August 2010 issue
Guest Author; Predicting the Unpredictable; Administering an Ideation Initiative; Decline of Creativity in America; Focused Ideation with Jenni Innovation Process Management Software

07 July 2010 issue
Creative Self Help; Get Creative with Your Elevator Pitch; Secret to Successful New Product Innovation: Keep the Boss Out of It; Voting in Suggestion Schemes; Learn with Idea Management

02 June 2010 issue
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Basics; Creativity and Schizophrenia; Innovation Misconceptions; Innovation Misconception: Rewards; Brussels Imagination Club Seeks Hotel Partner; Jenni Innovation Process Management (idea Management)

05 May 2010 issue
Hurdles Are for Jumping over; Decision Making, Innovation and Contracts; Creative Small Businesses Deliberately Foster Creativity; Passing Control Down the Hierarchy; Innovation in Emerging Markets; Quality, not Quantity in Idea Management

07 April 2010 issue
10 Steps for Boosting Your Firm's Innovation; Optimisim in Business Creativity and Innovaton; A Tip for Hiring Innovation Consultants; Quality not Quantity in Idea Generation

03 March 2010 issue
Report 103 Strikes Back;What Are Your Innovation Goals?; The Fear of Innovation; Mob-Sourcing; Jenni Innovation Process Management; Jeffrey's Personal and Ungodly Creativity Space

19 January 2010 issue
Taking a Break and Rethinking Report 103; Innovation Problem Solving with Jenni

05 January 2010 issue
Do Your Trust Your Company; Back to Innovation Basics; The Innovation Process; Increasing Your Sales with Jenni

01 December 2009 issue
Good Rewards for the Wrong People; Back to Basics: Innovators; Multilingual Brainstormers; Walking Through Jelly; Revised Corporate Innovation Machine; Jenni Innovation Process Management

17 November 2009 issue
Prediction Markets and Innovation; Back to Innovation Basics; Open Innovation; Innovation in the 21st Century: Keeping the US Competitive

03 November 2009 issue
Metrics for Idea Generation; Back to Innovation Basics; Brainstorming, Ideation and Idea Generation; How to Hijack Your Company's Suggestion Scheme

20 October 2009 issue
Aligning Innovation to Your Corporate Strategy; Back to Innovation Basics; The Idea; Innovation: Without it We're Screwed; Reading Recommendation: The Myth of Efficiency; Jenni: Aligning Your Innovation with Your Strategy

06 October 2009 issue
Back to Basics; Defining Innovation; The Legal Side of Open Innovation; Report: How to Implement Open Innovation

15 September 2009 issue
Distance Creativity; The Motor Industry: Ripe for Disruption; Jenni IPM: Guaranteed to Help You Innovate

01 September 2009 issue
18 Things You Ought to Do to Innovatise Your Business; Exploitation Innovation; Patents and Innovation

04 August 2009 issue
Living Overseas Boosts Creativity; A Critical Skill for Every Innovation Manager; What's Your Plan B?; South Africa's Second Innovation Summit; Innovation in Your Language

07 July 2009 issue
Turning Problems into Innovation Challenges; Guest Writer; When Not to Innovate; Dare to Be Different; Innovation in Your Language with Jenni

16 June 2009 issue
Guest Writers; The Curse of the First-Mover: When Incremental Innovation Leads to Radical Change; Innovation Process Management: It's Not Just About Ideas; The Innovation Pie and How to Bake It

02 June 2009 issue
When the Best Is not the Best; Innovation Accidents Are not Entirely Accidental; Getting Over Resistance to Change

19 May 2009 issue
Prospect Theory, Risk and Innovation; Team Building and Goals; Decline of the Billable Hour; Obituary: Dr Arthur VanGundy

05 May 2009 issue
Innovation: Back to the Basics; Breakthrough Innovation Needs Breakthrough Follow Up; Promoting Creativity in Your Firm

21 April 2009 issue
Asking Questions; the Science Behind the Aha Moment; Crowdsourcing Needs Structure; Jenni Innovation Process Management; Innovation Consultants Wanted

07 April 2009 issue
A Dozen Ingredients for a Culture of Innovation; Big Payout for Top Management of Bad Firms; Jenni Innovation Process Management Web Application

17 March 2009 issue
Innovation Process Management; Innovation Opportunities and Threats in Mergers; The Innovation Process Management Web Application: Jenni

03 March 2009 issue
Purpose Driven Innovation; Wots in SWOT?; Your Daily Creative Exercise; Innovation Workshop in Bournemouth

17 February 2009 issue
Value Added Innovation; 10 Lessons on Innovation Teams from The Economist; The Brussels (or Anywhere) Imagination Club; Free Idea Management Versus Paid Idea Management

03 February 2009 issue
Downsizing Workforce Downsizes Innovation; Risk Reduction in Innovation; Get Innovative with Your Value Proposition!

20 January 2009 issue
What Kind of Ideas; Gossip Can Help Your Firm Innovate Better; Obama's Suggestion Box

16 December 2008 issue
Innovation Threats in 2009; Innovation Software Doesn't Innovate by Itself; Prime Divisors of a Problem; Jeffrey One of Top 10 Innovation Thinkers

18 November 2008 issue
Innovation Strategies for a Recession; Ideas Can Have Consequences; Jenni Idea Management

04 November 2008 issue
Why You Absolutely Must Step Up Product Innovation; Getting Top Management to Buy into Innovation; Warning: Managers' Egos May Be Detrimental to Innovative Health

21 October 2008 issue
Cutting Your Customers' Costs; Get Passionate at Work; Nostalgia and Innovation Don't Mix

07 October 2008 issue
The ABCs of Innovation; Controlling a Brainstorming Event; Jenni Idea Management

16 September 2008 issue
Problems and Challenges; Cleaning up Quick and Dirty Idea Reviews; Innovation = Change; Conference Announcement; Jenni Idea Management

02 September 2008 issue
Brainstorming for Stories; Pre-Challenge Research; Taking a Non-Linear View on the Environment; Innovate Better with Jenni Idea Management

19 August 2008 issue
Innovation Feeds on Challenges; Guest Writer; National Innovation Challenge to Inspire Australian Businesses; Innovate Better with Jenni Idea Management

15 July 2008 issue
Reductive Innovation: Less Is More, More or Less; Trust and Innovation; Sharing Implementation News

01 July 2008 issue
Eight Key Ingredients for Corporate Innovation; Bill Gates: the Innovative Non-Innovator; Jenni in the News

17 June 2008 issue
Getting Emotional about Innovation; Good Idea for Promoting Innovation: a Lottery; Stress and Creativity

03 June 2008 issue
Dealing with Disruptive Innovation; Innovation for Business Survival; Innovate and Save the Planet

20 May 2008 issue
Innovation is not Democratic; Ten Characteristics of an Innovative Leader; Innovation Reporting

06 May 2008 issue
Evaluating Ideas; Using Idea Management for New Product Development; Electric Cars and Paradigms

15 April 2008 issue
The Three Cs; Follow up on Visual Brainstorming; the Myth of the Lone Inventor

01 April 2008 issue
Innovation May Be Detrimental to Business; Idea Management Primer; Replace Challenges with Calls to Action; Creative Solutions for Consumer Needs

18 March 2008 issue
Cost Cutting Innovation; Jenni Challenge; Fine Tune Your RAS; Five Innovative Idea Types;

04 March 2008 issue
10 Rules for Creative Teams; Innovation Trains; Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Basics; Jenni Upgrade; The Face of Johann Sebastian Bach

19 February 2008 issue
Guest Writer; Radical and Disruptive Innovation: There Is a Difference; Jenni 4.0 Takes Idea Management to the Next Generation; Decide; Get Smarter and Meet Jenni

05 February 2008 issue
Innovation and Economic Slow-Down; Guest Writer; Organisational Creativity Through Space Design; Rewarding Teams; Event: Creativity and Innovation Management Conference

15 January 2008 issue
Putting Your Innovation Initiative in Order; Your Employees Thought Up Your Competitors' Innovations First; The Web, a Productivity Killer or an Inspiration; Advertising on

18 December 2007 issue
Implementation Rates in Idea Management; Guest Author; Innovation - the International Differentiator; Jenni Case Study: South East Water; Innovation Consultants Wanted

04 December 2007 issue
Run Your Company Like an R&D Unit; A Jenni Case Study; Mixed Sex Teams Innovate Better; Innovation and Jenni in the Middle East

20 November 2007 issue
Idea Management Is for Winners; Sustainable Idea Management by Ideas Campaign; Imagination Club

06 November 2007 issue
Where's the Money?; Strategic Planning Demystified with the Mindmap; Structuring Creativity and Innovation; Jenni in Denmark; Imagination Club

16 October 2007 issue
Soliciting ideas from the public; Jenni on Facebook; When to Kill an Idea; Imagination Club On-Line

02 October 2007 issue
Rewarding Innovation; Prioritising Innovation; Evaluation Approach: Idea Trials; Innovative Links

18 September 2007 issue
Confidently Creative; Guest Writer; Applying Your Creativity to Writing a Non-Fiction Book; Visual Brainstorming

04 September 2007 issue
Passive versus Active Creativity; Guest Writer; Mistakes to Avoid with Mind Mapping Software; Book Review: Getting to Innovation

21 August 2007 issue
TRIZ—Getting Rid of Our Egos and Using Other Peoples’ Brains; Risk Aversion is Avoidable; Innovation and Frames of Reference; Partner's Newsletter

07 August 2007 issue
Guest Writers; Creative Problem Solving; The Innovation Process and Quality Tools; Being Innovative in a Big Company; No Hidden Jenni Advertisements in this Issue of Report 103; Facebook and Communication

17 July 2007 issue
Guest Writers; Nobel Thinking Enhances Innovation; Easier Said than Done; Innovative and Creative Events

03 July 2007 issue
Slash Your Bureaucracy; Book Review: Group Genius; Summer Time Is Experiment Time; Imagination Club

19 June 2007 issue
Innovation vs. the Process of Innovation; Guest Writers; Brainstorming Guidelines; The Way We Handle ideas Is Critical; Jenni Leasing; Imagination Club

05 June 2007 issue
Framework Innovation and Detail Innovation; What Is Closed Innovaton?; Activate Your Brainstorming Sessions; A Note on my Spelling

15 May 2007 issue
Creative Flow in a Cognitive System; Concept Auctions: Decision Support for the Front End; In the News; Where Innovation is Lacking

01 May 2007 issue
Creative Negotiation; Creativity in Your Spare Time; Corporate Innovation Communicaiton; Wrong Predictions

02 April 2007 issue
Business Case Management Versus Idea Management; Motivting Participants to Participate; NASA Closes Down Idea Lab; Different People - the Same Ideas

20 March 2007 issue
Ego: the Subversive Idea Killer; Back to the Conceptual Drawing Board; Jenni in Australia; Outsourcing Is just the First Step in Automation

06 March 2007 issue
The Creative Idea Implementation Plan, Mobile Jenni, Brainstorm the Barriers

20 February 2007 issue
Innovation: the Simple Bit and the Difficult Bit; The First Rule of Innovation; Public Idea Management; The Innovation Backlash

06 February 2007 issue
10 Innovative Ways to Use Idea Management; Introduction to Integrative Thinking; InnoCentive, a Marketplace for Scientific Ideas; India and China Wise up to Innovation; Google Patent Search

16 January 2007 issue
Imagination, Creativity, Ideas and Innovation; Don't Panic, Ask the Right Question; Optimism, an Essential Ingredient to Innovation; Jenni Idea Management Upgrade

02 January 2007 issue
Happy New Year; Is Innovation Right for Your Firm?; Lifetime of an Idea; Jenni Idea Management 3.0 Upgrade

19 December 2006 issue
Enthusiastic Leadership; Innovation Resolutions for 2007; Applied Creativity: Building (Small) Business; Innovation Trends for 2007

05 December 2006 issue
Glorious Inefficiency; Baumgartner Weirdness Scale; Innovation Humour; Lessons not Learned in Innovation; News from our Partners

21 November 2006 issue
12 Ways to Motivate Others to Be More Creative; Jenni Experience

07 November 2006 issue
One Innovation Wonders - Not Enough!; Watch Out for Know-It-Alls; Parents Teach Problem Development, Not Solving; Household Innovation; Interesting Articles

17 October 2006 issue
DIY Patent Protection; Basic Creativity: Generate Lots and Lots of Ideas; Workshop: the Way of the Innovative Manager; 10 Seriously Cool Worksplaces

03 October 2006 issue
Focus on Questions; Question, Question, Question; Proposing Ideas as Questions; In What Ways Might We...?; Challenging Children with Questions; Workshop: the Way of the Innovative Manager

19 September 2006 issue
Creativity, the Brain & You; The Creative Brain of the Creative Organisation; Open versus Closed Innovation; Sylvia Web BrainStormer Upgrade; Inside Lenovo's Design Quest

05 September 2006 issue
Too Many Parameters Needed; Duh Ideas; Failure Stories; On-Line Workshop "BrainStorming Basics"; Live Mini Workshop: "UnRepress Your Creativity"

15 August 2006 issue
Idea Stakeholders; Partnering for Innovation; Introducing a bit of Chaos

01 August 2006 issue
Suggestion Scheme Suicide: Two Stories; The PC's 25th Birthday; Scared to Speak their Minds

18 July 2006 issue
Corporate Imagination Exercises; When You Need to Be Creative Fast; Interesting and Inspiring; Dangers of Walking for Ideas; How Well Does Your Firm Innovate?

04 July 2006 issue
Breaking the Breakable Rules; Organisational Innovation in the Family; New in Jenni; Workshop 103

20 June 2006 issue
Continuous Innovation Challenges; Take an Ideas Tour of Your Workplace; Sending Managers Overseas; Your Innovation Mentor

06 June 2006 issue
If-Then Milestones: an Alternative to Risk Reduction; A Creative Approach to Change Management; Layered Ideas Campaigns; Report 103 Workshops

16 May 2006 issue
Are Your Ideas Audacious Enough?; Upstart Start-Ups; Ideas Are Fragile; Brainstorming Threats to find Opportunities

02 May 2006 issue
10 Creative Myths; Teaching Children to Respect Creative Children; Prototyping in the World of Computer Games; Rebel at Ford Motor Company

18 April 2006 issue
Selling ideas up the corporate ladder; Getting the Balance Right in Your Innovation Process; Springtime Is Idea Time

04 April 2006 issue
Your Innovation Manifesto; ISWOT Analysis; Creative Memory

21 March 2006 issue
Creative Destruction; Innovating for Whom?; Some 65% of CEOs Plan to Radically Change their Companies; P & G's New Innovation Model

07 March 2006 issue
Seven Shorties; Silly Rules; It's Quantity, not Quality; Jenni Upgrade; Creativity - Its Place in Education; Idea Rate Work; Kids, Building Blocks & the Great Innovation Lie; New Partner; Uncreative Clichés; Whirlpool and Innovation

21 February 2006 issue
Spontaneous Versus Solution Oriented Creativity; You Cannot Micromanage Innovation; New Articles at; Knowledge Management and the Aging Workforce; Want to Make a Complicated Decision? Just Stop Thinking

07 February 2006 issue
A Buddhist Approach to Innovation; Innovative Opportunism; An Apple a Day Keeps the Competion at Bay; Thinking Outloud

17 January 2006 issue
Getting People Excited about Creativity; There's No Such Thing as a Bad Idea; New at; Suggestion Box Humour; Legislating Diverse Boards; Creative Management In-House Training; Most Inventive Companies

03 January 2006 issue
Happy Innovative 2006; Discovering Operational Innovation Opportunities; Transparent and Translucent Rewards for Innovation

20 December 2005 issue
Holiday issue; The Adventure of Brainstorm Man and the Boring Pushchairs; Happy Christmas and a very New Year

06 December 2005 issue
The great innovation lie; Time to be creative; Time pressure and creativity

22 November 2005 issue
Keep innovation simple, sweetheart; Fire up the corporate imagination; info: picturing your ideas; info: gaining knowledge by asking questions; Review of the main principles of the creative process

01 November 2005 issue
innovation initiatives are not improving new product success rates; Corporate innovation machine; See Jeffrey talk about creativity; InformationWeek's 500 most innovative users of technology

18 October 2005 issue
The care and framing of strategic innovation challenges; Don't squelch; Everyone is creative

04 October 2005 issue
Guest writers; Organisational creativity - the top ten enablers; Xandra: Question based knowledge management

20 September 2005 issue
Experimentation; Too many evaluators spoil the idea; Report 105; The Imagination Club

06 September 2005 issue
Mixing and matching teams for creativity; Total open collaboration in idea management; Everyone wants to work for a more innovative company; Report 105; Imagination Club

16 August 2005 issue
Speed of ideas vs. speed of approval; The notebook exercise; Creativity resource; Free ideas campaign; Not impressed with mind mapping; New newsletter: Report 105

02 August 2005 issue
Innovation planning; August is a good time to be creative in Europe; Good article on operational innovation; imagination club

19 July 2005 issue
Creative team leadership; A great idea testing tool; Better Report 103 archives; Imagination club; Stress: good for creativity, bad for judgement

05 July 2005 issue
Provocateurs; Quotes; Entering a dark age of innovation; Need inspiration - look at art; Thought showers; New sales partner in the UK; Imagination club is now on-line

21 June 2005 issue
Creative investment - spreading the creativity; Creative investments - some basic calculations; Jenni version 2.1 out now

07 June 2005 issue
Protectionism is an excuse not to innovate; Airlines need to innovate; Bringing innovation in through the back door; Innovation safe havens; CIWI; The innovative intern

17 May 2005 issue
Positive motivation vs. negative motivation; Supertrade Knowledge Exchange; Alternative uses of your products; Dennis Mykols - new US sales partner; Knowledge maps

03 May 2005 issue
Cultural diversity - cultural innovation; Creativity cannot break laws - usually; Imagination club; The problem with patterns

19 April 2005 issue
Customer relationship procognition; CIWI; Call centres are also idea centres; 21 April: creativity and innovation day; Another EU framework programme

12 April 2005 issue
The innovation battle plan

05 April 2005 issue
Don't settle for first; Partnerships and innovation synergies; Campaign based idea management

15 March 2005 issue
10 crazy things to do with your company this week; Jenni idea management virtual software version 2.0 released; Concept -> prototype -> production

01 March 2005 issue
Emotional management in the workplace; Carlos Ghosn keen on cross-functional creative teams; Go on - be a contrarian; Outsourcing innovation

15 February 2005 issue
Creative problem interpretation; Cumulative creativity; Innovate Now - then

01 February 2005 issue
Don't multitask - multithink; Free ideas campaigns virtual software; The fundamental change game; Innovation meeting in Belgium?

18 January 2005 issue
Preserving youthful enthusiasm; Avoiding "failures of imagination"; Breaking problems down into components; The most innovative company; The least innovative company

04 January 2005 issue
Don't be limited by limitations; Got skunkworks? Keeping the ideas flowing; Jenni Ideas Campaign

21 December 2004 issue
Good brainstorming and bad brainstorming; Idea vaults; End of year special; New year's innovation; Press release

14 December 2004 issue
Brainstorming for disasters; Chinese companies branding and innovation; Feelings; news

07 December 2004 issue
Working with ideas that won't work; We don't do things that way here; Choosing business partners

30 November 2004 issue
When creativity goes stale; Slow creativity; Sweden and Finland are EU's leading innovators

23 November 2004 issue
Imagination; Rejecting ideas; Community idea management

16 November 2004 issue
Selling raw ideas; Acting in intuition will come back into fashion; The end of textile quotas - the dawn of textile innovation?

09 November 2004 issue
The slander of an honourable word; Rewarding ideas; High risk ideas budget; What is virtual software anyway?

02 November 2004 issue
KnowledgeStorming; Metaphorical creative concept modelling; Motivating innovaiton over the long term; Nifty web resources

19 October 2004 issue
Ain't no such thing as free innovation; Growth and feedback; Humour and creativity; Nifty web resource

12 October 2004 issue
Twist the issue; Open office spaces - closed minds; Internal idea marketplace; Nifty web resource; Report 103 cranial exercise

05 October 2004 issue
Brainstorm retreats; Why you need idea management; Anti-inspirational activities

28 September 2004 issue
Disruptors; The importance of notebooks; Open and closed creative exercises

21 September 2004 issue
Other people's shoes; Role playing; Five reasons to become innovative

14 September 2004 issue
It's all about the benefits; Exercising the mind; New at step by step report managing brainstorming sessions

07 September 2004 issue
Creativity and school; What's wrong with innovative suppliers?; Need inspiration? Get away from that desk!

31 August 2004 issue
Innovation strategy goals; Innovation reporting; The creative prisoner;

24 August 2004 issue
Open versus closed idea management; Internal innovation networks; USP - the single most important innovation for small to medium firms;

17 August 2004 issue
Idea implementation tracking; Innovation eras; Groups think more innovatively than individuals; Asian executives most value innovation

10 August 2004 issue
Idea -> evaluation -> implementation -> idea cycle; How not to promote an innovative new product; The importance of mistakes

03 August 2004 issue
When creativity goes bad; Maintaining imagination; talk about it

27 July 2004 issue
Reductive innovation; Failure of imagination; Know the rules before you break them; News from; Talk about it

20 July 2004 issue
Evaluating ideas; Fear of failure; The downside of creativity; European innovation policy portal; Why innovations sit on the shelf; talk about it

13 July 2004 issue
Destroy your assumptions; Talk about it; Dangerous committees; Sylvia web brainstorming update

06 July 2004 issue
The universe of your mind; Innovation needed in Thailand; Got something to say?; Plagarising creativity

29 June 2004 issue
The creative enthusiast; the necessity of chaos; Chaos meetings; Innovation - the most effective advertising

22 June 2004 issue
Idea flow; Let's talk creativity and innovation; Tasks and projects; Fridays is ideas day

15 June 2004 issue
Innovation in small companies; Ideas campaigns; Creativity and motion; New from innovation mentor

08 June 2004 issue
There are no bad ideas - just ideas that don't work; Levels of corporate innovativeness; The uninnovative candidate

01 June 2004 issue
Beautiful inspiration; Creative teams; Just the right amount of tension; Creative network

25 May 2004 issue
Thinking at work; Creative network; Complaints: ideas in disguise; Innovative reading; First steps to improving innovation

18 May 2004 issue
Individual vs. organisational innovation; Innovation and terrorism;

11 May 2004 issue
The big idea may not be big enough; Great idea - shame about the results; Brainstorming in the Internet age

04 May 2004 issue
Four kinds of corporate innovation; Idea management for tiny companies; Much ado about invention

27 April 2004 issue
Big and little innovation; marketing by the numbers; Environmental innovation at Xerox; Avoid being offshored - be innovative

20 April 2004 issue
Creativity needed in the ad biz; Capturing the imagination; Birth of human creativity pushed back

13 April 2004 issue
Corporate jesters; Ideas and punishment; Creativity and mental illness

06 April 2004 issue
A (baker's) dozen characteristics of creative people; Hiring creative people for non-creative companies; More Google creativity

30 March 2004 issue
Recruiting out the creative talent; Cleverest invention of the 1970s; Innovate or else

23 March 2004 issue
Unmarketing the competition; Walking; Brainstorm tool upgrade; quote

16 March 2004 issue
The risk of creativity; Humour and creativity; 2003 Innobarometer survey out

09 March 2004 issue
Failed innovators; Next Internet killer application; Business opportunities with

02 March 2004 issue
Communicating for creativity; People are multidimensional; Outsourcing cheap innovation

24 February 2004 issue
Space travel innovation; Disappointing toy news; Creativity tip; News from idea management

17 February 2004 issue
Rewarding innovation in Japan; What can Janet Jackson's breast teach us about creativity; Inventions

10 February 2004 issue
Creativity in the news; Innovation at; Creativity tip; interesting inventions; Food for thought: family

03 February 2004 issue
Creativity and innovation in the news; Innovation at; Interesting inventions; Food for thought: creativity quotient

27 January 2004 issue
Creativity and innovation in the news; Interesting inventions; Food for thought: utopia or nightmare?


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