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Hello and Welcome

Jeffrey BaumgartnerHello and welcome to, probably the Internet's best resource for information on creativity, business innovation, personal innovation and anticonventional thinking.

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My Latest Articles

Innovation Is Dead. Long Live Innovatio
Innovation Is Dead. Long Live Innovation.
I am sorry to have to tell you this, but business innovation is dead. -- Read the article...

Criticism Feeds Creativity
Criticism Feeds Creativity
It is a myth that criticism stifles creativity. In fact, criticism should inspire creativity. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: leaving comfort zone
Want to Be Creative? Step Back into Your Comfort Zone
Great authors, artists and composers throughout history have done most of their work inside their comfort zones. -- Read the article...

Diagram of how value is added
The mistake a lot of creative would-be entrepreneurs make is that they believe they only need to have a good idea and the ability to realise it in order to launch a successful business. -- Read the article...

employee fires CEO
How To Make Your Big Company Super-Innovative in One Easy Step
If a company really wants to become an innovation powerhouse, there is one simple action they can take: fire the CEO and hire a new one with a focused vision. -- Read the article...

Cartoon of woman holding mirror to self
How To Be Awesome In 7 Steps
So, you want to be awesome? Or, perhaps you recognise that you are awesome already, but want the rest of the world to know about it. Here is how to do it! -- Read the article...

cartoon: artist in office
Not Being Creative Boosts Creativity
In spite of all the noise about the importance of creativity, it is ridiculous to think you need to be creative all the time. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: sad guy walking past happiness poster
Happiness Is Overrated
There is a lot of pressure on people to be happy these days. That is not necessarily a good thing. -- Read the article...

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My new book, Anticonventional Thinking is out now! Order your copy on-line or ask for it at your favourite bookshop.


Cartoon: mid-life career change

I'm starting a new series of articles on Personal Innovation -- which is all about improving yourself and your life by innovating yourself.


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