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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner (hence the JPB in I am considered something of an expert in creativity and innovation. That's why organisations as diverse as the Genentech, a cutting edge pharmaceutical company, and the Prime Minister's office of the government of Dubai have hired me to lead workshops and talks with their managers and other employees.

I am also the author of The Way of the Innovation Master, the best selling and rather eclectic guide to setting up an innovation system in a big organisation, and The Insane Journey, a controversial science fiction humour novel.

I have also developed anticonventional thinking, a new approach to collaborative creative thinking and an alternative to brainstorming that works much, much better than brainstorming when you need creative ideas.

Let's talk!


My TEDx talk on anticonventional thinking (ACT)



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My Latest Creativity & Innovation Articles

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Do Not Think About Hamburgers and Other Essential Tips on Product Innovation

Creativity and the Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs need to be creative -- and not just in terms of having a great business idea.

Everyone Hates Your Brilliant Idea
Everyone Hates Your Brilliant Idea - at least at first. But persevere and one day everyone will adore it.

Bosses in Brainstorms
It is the nightmare of every brainstorm facilitator: the boss joins in and then criticises an idea. When this happens, most facilitators do the wrong thing.

Characteristics of Super-Creatives
Super-creative people are often different from ordinary creative people in more ways than you might think.

Five Things the CEO Can Do to Encourage Creativity
According to a survey by IBM, a vast majority of corporate CEOs say creativity is important to their companies. I suggest five actions those CEOs can take.

Don't Count on Customer Creativity
Asking your customers for ideas is a great way to catch up with your more innovative competitors. But it is a lousy way to innovate.

10 Ways to Solve Problems
Got a problem? Here are ten different methods you can use to solve it.





I spoke about anticonventional thinking (ACT) at TEDxULB (Université libre de Bruxelles) on 26 June. They described my talk as "the future of creative idea generation."


World Innovation Convention

I am leading a Cosmic Creativity workshop at the World Innovation Convention in Cannes in November.


Jeffrey on screen at Tablelands Innovation Expo

Tablelands Innovation Expo

I spoke on Inner Mind Creativity (aka Cosmic Creativity) at the Tablelands Innovation Expo in Malanda, Queensland, Australia on 16 May.


Radio Interview

Jim Beach interviewed me for his School for Startups show on Liberty Express radio. You can listen to it here (second interview).

Jeffrey Baumgartner in front of banner with  his picture

Entrepreneur Summit in Mumbai

I spoke about cosmic creativity, anticonventional thinking and implementing ideas at The Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Mumbai.

While walking around the IIT campus (where the summit was held), I was surprised to see a banner with my face on it (above)!


Innovation Blogger of the Year

I was voted the Innovation Blogger of the year for 2013, which was a surprise as, strictly speaking, I don't write a blog! I write Report 103, a popular eJournal and regular articles on creativity -- which are often republished by other blogs.




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