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Creativity & Innovation Articles

Welcome to one of the web's longest running resources on creativity and innovation! Browse articles, papers and more on -- dating from 1996 until this week! Click on any subject below to get started. Or scroll down to see the most recent articles.


Learn more about creativity and how you can improve your creative thinking skills.

Anticonventional Thinking
Anticonventional thinking (ACT) is a new method for collaborative creativity. It has been developed by Jeffrey and is in use in a growing number of organisations globally.

Personal Innovation
The ultimate self-help guide! Learn how to improve yourself through creativity.

Business Innovation
Read about the latest findings in business innovation, learn tricks and techniques you can apply at your business and more.

Understanding People
How and why humans behave as they do and how you can use that information in all kinds of fun and devious ways.

Short, very short stories based on Jeffrey's experiences with creativity, innovation and helping people become more incredible

Incredible parenting
How to be an incredible parent by using your creativity and encouraging your children to be creative


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Bookcover: Anticonventional Thinking by Jeffrey Baumgartner
Anticonventional Thinking - the book - is out now!


Jeffrey speaking about anticonventional thinking at TEDx conference in Brussels

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