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Hello and Welcome

Jeffrey BaumgartnerHello and welcome to, probably the Internet's best resource for information on creativity, business innovation, personal innovation and anticonventional thinking.

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Here you'll find hundreds of articles and papers on all these topics and more.

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My Latest Articles

cartoon: girl pretending to be Angela Merkel
Break Three Rules to Innovate
If you are a good guy or gal, one who follows the rules and toes the line, you probably are not innovating very well. So, it's time to be less good, more naughty and break a few rules. Here are the three you should break. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: Honey, I
Mid-Life Career Change
Making a big career change after you have passed your 40th birthday can be a real challenge. I offer some advice. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: dangerous can-openers
Why Innovation Must Respect Corporate Values
When innovation is not in line with corporate values, trouble is almost certain to ensue. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: personal innovation
Innovate Yourself!
Personal innovation is the act of making a change in your life with the aim of making your world a better one. -- Read the article...

Cartoon: sign with conflicting directions for innovation and strategy
Got an Innovation Strategy Yet?
Why do you want to innovate? If you cannot give a good answer, you need to define an innovation strategy for your organisation. -- Read the article...

cartoon: Percy Smothers submits 567 ideas - but all of them boring
Collecting Ideas Is Killing Your Innovation
If your innovation process is about capturing lots of ideas, you are making a serious mistake. -- Read the article...

Jeffrey presenting ACT in a workshop
How to Run a Successful Workshop
Everything you have ever needed to know about running a workshop, but were afraid to ask! -- Read the article...

Cartoon: welcome to the team
Your 2015 Innovation To Do List
Six Things You Really Need to Do in Your Company This Year -- Read the article...

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Anticonventional Thinking book cover

My new book, Anticonventional Thinking is out now! Order your copy on-line or ask for it at your favourite bookshop.


Cartoon: mid-life career change

I'm starting a new series of articles on Personal Innovation -- which is all about improving yourself and your life by innovating yourself.


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